Political Reform

Submissions to official bodies

  • Law Commission submission (October 2013 – proposal for a requirement that laws be consistent, where possible, with uncontroversial principles, including analysis of implications for laws on inheritance, land ownership and taxation)
  • Commons Political and Constitutional Reform Select Committee inquiry on A New Magna Carta (January 2015 – advocating: the re-integration of local and national representation in Parliament by making members of the upper house local government appointees; a mechanism for making the monarch democratically-accountable through the jury system; and a requirement for laws to be consistent with uncontroversial principles)
  • House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee inquiry into the economics of the UK housing market (December 2015):

Contributions to the LSE ConstitutionUK project

In Spring 2015 I contributed to a project run by the London School of Economics to crowdsource a proposed new constitution. The end result was somewhat incoherent but it was a useful exercise and a rare opportunity to engage with others who are interested in constitutional reform. Below are the main proposals I put forward (the first four of which were largely drawn from my ‘New Magna Carta’ submission above):