Political Reform

Submissions to official bodies

  • Letter to cabinet ministers (January 2019 – suggesting Brexit decision might be ruled invalid by courts)
  • Letter to European Commission (May 2017 – drawing attention to a possibility that Brexit decision might be repudiated by a future UK administration on grounds of breaching government’s duty of care; suggesting that the EU seek formal confirmation that Article 50 notification was valid)
  • House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee inquiry into the economics of the UK housing market (December 2015):
  • Commons Political and Constitutional Reform Select Committee inquiry on A New Magna Carta (January 2015 – advocating: the re-integration of local and national representation in Parliament by making members of the upper house local government appointees; a mechanism for making the monarch democratically-accountable through the jury system; and a requirement for laws to be consistent with uncontroversial principles)
  • Law Commission submission (October 2013 – proposal for a requirement that laws be consistent, where possible, with uncontroversial principles, including analysis of implications for laws on inheritance, land ownership and taxation)

Contributions to the LSE ConstitutionUK project

In Spring 2015 I contributed to a project run by the London School of Economics to crowdsource a proposed new constitution. The end result was somewhat incoherent but it was a useful exercise and a rare opportunity to engage with others who are interested in constitutional reform. Below are the main proposals I put forward (the first four of which were largely drawn from my ‘New Magna Carta’ submission above):